HDL CAD Solutions specialises in sheet metal and fabrication design utilising over 25 years experience in the industry.

We use the latest modelling software (SolidWorks) enabling us to provide our customers with bespoke 3D designs, therefore allowing the client to visualise and analyse how a design will look before the parts or product is built consequently reducing potentially costly errors before manufacture.

The SolidWorks Suite allows simple and complex sheet metal assemblies to be created allowing interference detection to be performed, thereby reducing the risk of error before any prototypes have been produced.

Using weldments we are able to create complex frames and structures using standard or custom profiles. With this method we can create detailed material cut lists and detailed bill of materials (BOM) saving hours of time in production.

Sheet Metal Drawings usually include the following information:

  • Metal specification, e.g. thickness, material type and grain direction
  • Bend radiuses
  • Dimensions
  • Bend tables
  • Custom properties
  • Bend direction and fixed face direction

The sheet metal work component parts can be given unique ID codes, therefore enabling a detailed BOM to be created within an assembly.

This data can then be utilised to provide additional information such as exploded views, detailed views, section views or predefined views, giving the client an all round sheet metal work solution.

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