HDL CAD Solutions can provide 3D Animations and static photorealistic renders to be used in a variety of ways.

These can be for marketing for web content, to aid product design or to assist in gaining instructions or business through visualisation.

HDL CAD Solutions are able to produce animations and renders from your own existing models or we can create models from sketches provided by customers and bring them to life with animation.

When animations and renders are used to bring products to life, it enables our customers to outshine the competition in their market place, adding increased credibility and engagement to their audience.

How is an animation or render produced?

  • Create a model (or use existing model if supplied) in 3D CAD software such as SolidWorks
  • Apply materials and textures
  • Set up lighting, scenes and environments/backplates
  • Set up virtual cameras to gain realistic views
  • Obtain a storyboard from the customer, i.e. what they need the animation to demonstrate
  • Create a preview animation for approval by the customer before final rendering process
  • Process the animation
  • Animations are usually supplied in .mp4 format, however a range of formats can be provided
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