Rowlett Rutland Limited are a commercial electrical catering equipment OEM, specialising in toasters, panini grills, hot plate warmers and hot dog cooking equipment.


Their range can be found on their website, which is proud to be British made, with design and build capabilities within the South East since 1946.

This traditional family company was acquired in December 2016, with it about to embark on a new journey, to focus on increasing market share and making Rowlett the brand you can trust in the market and open up opportunities for new markets.


Through the acquisition, some key elements of improvement were identified to improve Rowlett’s ability to efficiently and effectively build their products, improve upon its mean time to failure and serviceability in the market, whilst also sustaining its heritage. For Rowlett this didn’t mean to just focus on lean production systems, but embrace full product lifecycle management, as approximately 80% of the costs whether direct or indirect could be attributed to the design of the product.

The predominant challenge for them was the limited and or no engineering data, which prohibited any ability to develop Rowlett itself or its supply chain partners.


Rowlett had in May of 2017, decided to engage with an operational transformation solutions provider (SEW Solutions Limited), due to their background and links into Solid Solutions, HDL CAD Solutions were recommended as a provider that could support the journey that Rowlett were about to embark upon. HDL’s ability to demonstrate high service levels, good customer engagement and focus around Quality, Cost and Delivery, we successfully won the contract to aid in the redevelopment of the Rowlett product range.

This was further complimented by HDL CAD Solutions extensive knowledge of sheet metal processing, to aid in ensuring that the designs were achievable and could meet the requirements of Rowlett.


The program of work has embraced all of the disciplines required to ensure that the Product Lifecycle Management capabilities of Rowlett drastically changed. Implementing an holistic solution, to ensure that all engineering / design data is to a standard deemed as "Best in Class".

The design data has embraced most if not all acronyms associated with best practice, Design for Manufacture, Assembly, Serviceability, and what SEW Solutions calls "Design for Margin Maximising". Providing cost avoidance, as well as cost saving opportunities through modular design intent, which has seen a 60% reduction in material variability across its 3 slot toaster ranges. With more opportunities expected as we continue to work through the product ranges.


Rowlett is about to move to a new manufacturing site in Avonmouth to be closer to its parent company and has plans to increase its revenue by 200% in 2018, these aggressive targets and ongoing growth plans, are now possible because of the offering provided by HDL CAD Solutions.

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